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About us

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Although we've been creating digital solutions for clients since 2009, our real story started a couple of years later when Terry Down, had a chance meeting with a frustrated member of the management team at the Networks Alliance.

He was describing his daily tussle and frustrations with the paper-based forms they relied on to meet their WHS responsibilities. There was talk of paper forms going missing, being completed on the fly, having coffee spilt on them and even being archived in someone's glove compartment! It was a constant source of irritation for many people (and not particularly efficient either).

It would be incredible, he said, if we could get rid of all the paper processes and have one simple online system that everyone could use from their smart devices, "so wherever our people are, and whatever they were doing, they could log in and register their activity ... we could then track compliance with all our WHS obligations, manage competencies and ensure our people were accountable. Could you do that?".

Having worked in the digital world for more than 15 years, Terry knew it was more than possible. FiNAO took all the Networks Alliance paper based forms, processes and workflow and built a custom online system. Networks Alliance employees and contractors could use the system on site, on the move and in the office. It improved the integrity of the data, efficiency, productivity and ensured compliance. The Alliance loved it.

Since our success with the Network Alliance, we've specialised in creating customised online safety and operations management systems for some of Australia's biggest and most complex construction and infrastructure projects.

What's more, we stick by our clients and help them through the transition from paper to the online system, educating users and tweaking the system as new requirements arise.

Key personnel

Experience, expertise and attitude produce great results.

Our team of developers and producers have been chosen for their expertise and, importantly, for their can-do attitudes. You get the benefit of years of collective experience and desire to deliver valuable, real solutions.

Terry Down Director Tom Worrall Dev Manager Phoebe Mchugh Project Manager Tanmay Chowdhury Project Support Bo Yuan Developer Feiyang Ye Developer Jiayu Shen Developer Anna Cottrell Finance
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